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Eating to Lose Weight?

Eating to Lose Weight - read how I went from a size 12/14 to a size 6/8 in a few months - without even trying to lose weight and improve well being naturally! 

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Eating Chocolate to Lose Weight! 

I love eating chocolate to lose weight - but I stay skinny, I thought it was all in the mind, but a recent study of 1000 people by scientists at The University of California found that those who are 'regularly eating chocolate' are slimmer than those who dont eat it, so chocolate may be worth a try!  Best stick to quality dark chocolate, also full of anti-oxidants, pure cacao boosts metabolism.

I Love Lindt Sweet Chilly Chocolate - Chillies in your diet of eating to lose weight will help to boost your metabolism.  Aswell as Chocolate Aloe Vera Shake Meal replacements + saves cooking, they taste especially great at this time of year, have hot or cold Chocolate Slim Shakes, Herbalife or Forever Living Shakes 

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What to Eat to Lose Weight 

Healthy Eating to Lose Weight -
Feel and look beautiful naturally with...
  Eating to Lose Weight
Aloe Vera Gel and Aloe Vera Shake!
I take Aloe Vera Gel Drink before breakfast to assist with digestion, nutrition consumption and general health and well being, especially helpful if you are on a diet to lose weight.

I enjoy Chocolate Aloe Vera Slim Shake or Vanilla
Aloe Vera Shake with fruit for lunch or evening meals (They can be made with milk or water).

Aloe Vera Shakes are full of vitamins, minerals and amino acids to help keep your body healthy and satisfied for healthy eating to lose weight and improve well being, which in turn may encourage more exercise to get rid of cellulite aswell as helping you to lose weight.

Fruit Veg Diet 

For healthy eating to lose weight try a raw fruit and veg diet, it keeps you full for so long, it can take me a few hours nibbling to get through a bowl of pulp and it really does curb hunger pangs and help avoid cravings - raw fruit veg diet is great if you are eating to lose weight!

Strawberrries are particularly good for helping curb your appetite when eating to lose weight + theyre delicious and a power house full of nutrients.

I can honestly say sometimes I enjoy eating raw fruit and veg more than chocolate (even though I do still indulge in phases) because I know how much healthier my body feels with healthy raw fruit and veg compared to junk food - which is now like poison to my body, often putting me in a lazy trance like state - sluggish - do you know what I mean?

When eating to lose weight its essential to link the feel good factor to raw fruit and veg, to train your mind to be healthy, happy, positive and enjoy the huge array of benefits of a raw Fruit Veg Diet

Fruit Veg Diet

Healthy Eating to Lose Weight

Healthy eating to lose weight with healthy protein snacks - like a variety of delicious nuts, to ensure you get omega 3 and omega 6.

Include Almonds, Brazils, Cashews and Walnuts as they each have different benefits.

Plus Pumpkin Seeds, Sesame Seeds and Sunflower Seeds. Delicious mixed in mayonnaise as a dip.

Ensure they are raw and not salted and deep fried!

I used to crave snacks all day, now I just dont get the urge.

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Controlling Blood Sugar Levels 

To keep good blood sugar levels, add cinnamon to your healthy nuts, juice, fruit and veg pulp. 

In an eating to lose weight diet, Bananas, Grapes or Blueberries are also a good source of slow sugar release to give you a boost, eaten with a few tasty raw nuts will help keep your stamina up.

Crunch on strips of carrot, cucumber or Celery. 
On a sweeter level Strawberries or a Braeburn apple make healthy snacks.

Eating to Lose Weight

Evening Meal

When you are eating to lose weight it is especially important to be carefeul eating your evening meal. Enjoy eating as early as possible and lighter.

I am really enjoying eating salads with raw fruit and veg (apples, carrots, broccoli spears, peppers, celery, red beetroot etc).  I add tasty home grown herbs like rocket leaves, coriander or mint and a healthy helping of good extra virgin olive oil, (Borges is delicious), freshly squeezed lemon or lime and a couple of times a week for protein healthy oily fish like smoked mackerel or salmon.

I also enjoy healthy Aloe Vera Shakes, (Aloe Vera Shop) which are full of vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids, they leave me full of energy, and not bloated.

Avoid Eating Gluten in your diet.
See if you feel less bloated and more energetic?

Chew Your Food


Chew your food properly, especially if you are trying to lose weight. Its essential for getting your juice buds oozing with saliva to help digestion and absorb more goodness.

Chewing slowly and repeatedly while eating to lose weight, also gives you time to really enjoy your diet - and your stomach time to send messages to your brain that you have eaten and you are full and satisfied to help you lose weight!

Smell Your Food
Enjoy a good whiff of your food, and savour it, before eating as part of lengthening the experience.

EFT Tapping to Lose weight
Its amazing how positive thinking can help you to lose weight.
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping on meridians to release negative thought patterns about yourself, your body and your diet can be very helpful!

EFT Tapping has just been approved as a complementary therapy and Heidi is a qualified EFT Practitioner - Tapping to lose weight online via skype, try a session, it can be very helpful to lose weight, dealing with binge eating, specific food addiction, energy levels, confidence and achieving weight loss goals.

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The Secret Quotes for Health
I know the mind plays a huge part in how we feel and this literally does effect our bodies - so its important to think about what you intend to happen, ie all the healthy benefits absorbing into your body. Enjoy the bright colours and crunchiness when eating raw vegetables and fruits.

The Secret Quotes for Slimming
The Law of intention also applies when we 'Think Thin' if you want to lose weight - never dwell on being fat or that is what you will attract!

Think Thin! Learn more about the Law of Intentions with the Secret Quotes

Eating to Lose Weight

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