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Weight Management - Guernsey

Weight Management in Guernsey-Discover Your Feel Good Factor with Heidi Almonte

Heidi passionately helps find tailor made solutions

* Improve Sleep - Immunity Systems - Energy Levels
* Improve Sports Performance - Keep Fit
* Increase Confidence + help overcome Phobias, Chocolate Addictions etc
* Tackle Obesity in Guernsey with simple, delicious options to suit YOUR Lifestyle
* Help People Change Lives - "To Become The Best Version of Themselves"

Are You ready for change?  Heidi is here to assist you

Find 'Your Feel Good Factor' with Heidis Personal Consultations + Events
* Weight Management / Weight Loss Programmes/ Wellness Coach/ Sports Nutrition
* Reiki + EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, eg for eating addictions)
Complementary Therapist
* Life Coach (to obtain goals and focus in your life in 2018) 
* Latin & Salsa Dancing for exercise, social + feel good factor!
, call Guernsey 722798 or come along to a
Weight Management and Wellbeing Events listings @ Energetix Jewellery Guernsey


Weight Management & Wellbeing - Guernsey

Come to Heidis Events or book a Personal Consultation for a
Weight Management + Wellness Evaluation Body Scan.
Weight Management + Weight Loss Programme - individually tailored to suit You.

Weight Management & Wellbeing Gifts - Healthy Chocolate Shakes, Chocolate Peanut or Almond Protein Bars, Silky Aloe Vera Body Skincare + Energetix Jewellery

Get The Feel Good Factor!

Meet 'Heidi Wellbeing Almonte' in Guernsey, UK

@  Friquet Garden Centre - 'Fortnightly Farmers Market'
+ Guernsey Town Market - Fresh Fridays/Saturdays etc, see link for dates...

Wellbeing Weight Management Guernsey Events 

By appointment, 8am-10pm, Call Guernsey 722798 (m07911 716662)

Corporate Weight Management & Wellbeing Presentations in the Workplace + Home Parties in Guernsey and Jersey (UK).

Weight Management Shakes - Guernsey

Weight Management Shakes in Guernsey - Protein and Healthy Meal Replacement shakes are just 1 of many weight management, weight loss and nutrition products Heidi offers in Guernsey, UK (+ Jersey, UK & over 90 countries).
Contact Heidi for ideas to most suit your lifestyle and goals.

Herbalife Guernsey

Herbalife Shakes in Guernsey - 
Economic, tasty, scientifically balanced healthy meal
with just over 200 calories for good nutrition, 
aswell as weight management.

Herbalife Healthy Meal Bars  
Convenient healthy meals to eat on the go
Chocolate Chip or Red Berry & Yogurt. 

Herbalife Protein Bars
Herbalife Protein Bars contain 10 grams of Protein.
Ideal after exercise or to replace chocolate snacks.
3 chocolate covered flavours -
Vanilla Almond, Peanut Chocolate & Citrus Lemon 
Weight Management Guernsey 

Herbalife Weight Management Shakes
 - No 1!

THE Number 1 Best Selling Healthy Meal Replacement Shakes in the WORLD!

Herbalife Weight Management Shakes are a source of essential nutrients that are required daily for our bodies to function correctly.

The Shakes and the Meal Bars contain Vitamins A, B, C, D, E + Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Zinc, Iodine, Potassium, Copper, Manganese & Selenium - scientifically balanced nutrition.

Herbalife Weight Management Shakes - Flavours

Come in a variety of delicious flavours.
The most popular is Vanilla (especially for breakfast).

Vanilla is an easy flavour to add fresh, fruit, like banana, also oats to - a great start to the day for weight management and part of a "Healthy, Active Lifestyle".

Other favourites are...
Cookies & Cream, Chocolate (can serve warm, with Cinnamon), Chocolate Mint
+ Strawberry, Cappuccino, Tropical Fruit, Toffee/Apple/Cinnamon.

+ 'Vanilla - Free From Soya, Lactose & Gluten' healthy shake meal -
although the Herbalife weight management shakes are made with a premium soya, 1 of the best forms of protein, that is fairly easily digestable for most people.

Guernsey Herbalife - Healthy Breakfast  
Consistently taking Herbalife healthy shake meal for breakfast, is your foundation to kick starting your day and your metabolism, along with exercise.

Its a scientific fact - "People who skip breakfast, are more likely to be over weight than those who have breakfast".

Weight management Guernsey is not just about the calories, its what you eat and when - "A Healthy Breakfast is The Most Important Meal of the Day".

Tip - Keep your blender handy on worktop, ready to whizz up your healthy breakfast.
"Start Your Day the Healthy Way"

Herbalife Weight Loss Programmes Guernsey
For weight loss programmes, meet Heidi to discuss your present routines and goals.

Herbalife - Sports Nutrition

Herbalife Sports Nutrition range is called Herbalife 24, for the 24 hour athlete.

The Herbalife 24 range is extensive and loved by many top athletes including The No 1 Football Player in the World - Cristiano Ronaldo who believes the importance of 80% Nutrition - 20% exercise, for peak performance.

Heidi can help you with a scientifically proven, approved sports nutrition programme, that is tailor made to help you perform to your peak.

Athletes using Herbalife - Sports Nutrition Guernsey

Ronaldo Sports Drink 
Cristiano Ronaldo loves Herbalife so much, he has just designed a new sports hydration drink with us, CR7 (Cristiano Ronaldo 7).  CR7 electrolyte sports drink is a high quality, refreshing, hypotonic sports drink, at a low cost price.

* CR7 Sports Drink contains Vitamin B12, Thiamin & Magnesium.
* CR7 Sports Drink provides long and short term energy boost.
* CR7 Sports Drink is ideal before, during and after exercise.
* CR7 Sports Drink is a healthier alternative as an 'Energy Drink'.

CR7 Ronaldo Sports Drink in Guernsey - Contact Heidi Almonte or Adrian Staddon (Personal Trainer) details below or come along to a
Weight Management Guernsey Well Being Event, dates above.


Weight Management - Smart Protein Snacks

Aswell as providing the body with fuel and nutrients (rather than empty calories), smart protein snacks can help keep hunger at bay.

Protein combined with exercise helps convert unhealthy fat to healthy muscle.

* Herbalife Protein Bars- Chocolate Peanut, Vanilla Almond Chocolate, Citrus Lemon
* Herbalife Gourmet Tomato Soup (8 x protein of regular tomato soup)
* Herbalife Roasted Soya Bean Snacks (Lightly salted)

Weight Management Protein Bars in Guernsey.

Weight Management - Kick Start Programmes or 3/6 Day Trial Packs?

The choice is yours, ask Heidi at your weight management Guernsey consultation.

Herbalife prides itself in 'personal service from caring consultants', who can help you choose the most suitable products for you and ensure you are taking them correctly for maximum benefit, whether it be weight management, weight loss or to improve wellbeing with good nutrition with a kick start programme or in small steps starting with a 3 Day Trial Pack.

Contact Heidi or come along to a Weight Management Guernsey Well Being Event or book a Private Weight Management Consultation in Guernsey or via skype.

Herbalife Weight Loss - Testimonials

"Wow...I've been using Herbalife products for a week today and I feel amazing!! What a difference. I tried the mint choc shake today too and it tastes lush...thanks Heidi Wellbeing Almonte"... Kristina Smith, Guernsey.

"When my daughter and I started on the Herbalife plan we were as most people are, skeptical. Does this really work? Will it give me more energy? Will it help me lose weight? and the question on everyone's mind is, Will it keep me full between meals? The answer to all these questions is yes!!
Would I recommend Herbalife to a friend? Yes !! :-)"  Lesley Taylor, Guernsey.

Herbalife Nutrition - Gold Standard of Excellence + Science

All Herbalife Products are backed by Science and our Guarantee of Excellence.

Herbalife is committed to science and innovation which is at the heart of our products and the Herbalife Mission, "Changing Peoples Lives".

In 2014 alone Herbalife invested USD 150,000,000 on state of the art manufacturing facilities, quality and science.

Herbalife continually strives to improve and help Communities in over 90 countries + Herbalife Charity provides nutrition to 100,000 children on a daily basis, and continues to grow strong 35 years on.

Become part of the world wide Herbalife Community today -
Make that change to become the Best Version of Yourself!

Herbalife Guernsey Discounts + Opportunities

We are looking for an elite team to help us promote and help our Guernsey Community, with improved nutrition, wellbeing, obesity and weight management.

Once you've fallen in love with Herbalife in Guernsey, we can discuss opportunities available to get your Herbalife products at discount or free, share with friends and family - or as a full or part time job.

Herbalife + Energetix Jewellery opportunities available with free training from successful, passionate people.

Weight Management Guernsey - Herbalife Opportunities Worldwide

Herbalife Guernsey Weight Management - Fun, Simple, Magical.

Like More info?  Contact -

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Complementary Therapist (Reiki, Tapping & Dowsing Practitioner)

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Call Heidi, Guernsey (01481) 722798  (8am - 10pm)


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