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Sick Homes

Sick Houses

Sick homes is also known as Sick Building Syndrome.  Sick homes attract illness and unhappiness. I discovered geopathic stress through the UK Dowsing Vice-President who had spent 25 years as an estate agent and realised that the same sick houses were often repeatedly put back on the market due to the similar reasons of sickness or divorce, which led him to dowsing for geopathic stress in sick homes and sick building syndrome.

Sick homes syndrome is treated so seriously that in some parts of Germany, dowsing for geopathic stress has to be carried out before building permission will be given to prevent the building of sick homes to avoid sick building syndrome.

This is a follow on after 'houses in whole towns' have been dowsed with high cancer rates proving that 1000's of cases all slept over negative Geopathic Stress lines - whilst the healthy people in the towns lived in healthier houses with more positive energy. 

This was after many other trials took place to establish why so many people were sick and led to how geopathical stress was first discovered.


Sick Home
If you live in a sick home, then it is important to know about geopathic stress remedies and immunity system boosters.

If you think you may live in a sick home then Well Being World can distant dowse for geopathic stress to help improve well being naturally.


What is Geopathic Stress?

Geopathic Stress is the Earths vibrations which rise up through the Earth but are distorted by weak electromagnetic fields created by ley lines, certain mineral deposits, fault lines, underground cavities, but most commonly subterranean running water streams and veins.  Sick Homes 
When the vibration distortion becomes abnormally high it can create sick houses and sick building syndrome and be harmful to living organisms - this is known as geopathic stress

Sick Children and Babies are often more susceptable to geopathic stress in sick homes.  Sick homes syndrome can often lead to Insomnia in Children who should also take more Immunity System Boosters

Sick Hospitals Syndrome
Many hospital nurses are aware that certain beds have a ‘reputation’ where sick patients seem to have more difficulty in recovering or where the death rate is much higher.

This is because geopathic stress is negative under the sick patients beds.

One patient reported, coming home from hospital cancer treatment, that all the cancer patients on her side of a large ward went home. Sadly almost all the cancer patients on the opposite side of her ward stayed sick or died - beacuse it was very Geopathically Stressed. The nurses were aware of the reputation the sick side of the ward had.

Sick Vehicles

Even vehicles parked over night in geopathical stress can lead to the drivers becoming sick, driving agressively or becoming drowsy with back aches and feeling car sick.


Get Rid of Spirits

Geopathic stress dowsing can also be used to get rid of spirits and entities that are unwanted in sick homes and move them onto the light where they belong.

Well Being World can get rid of spirits by distant Dowsing and Reiki Distant Healing

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Sick Homes 
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Geopathic Stress

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