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Magnet Therapy

Magnet Therapy healing has been used for approx 4,000 years, by millions of people world wide. Magnet therapy healing jewellery was used by the Chinese who understood the importance of energy flow, followed by the Greeks + Egyptians.

Magnet therapy products range is growing rapidly - from beautiful jewellery, pillow, magnetic bandage - knee and elbow bandage to magnetic drinks coasters.

Many studies show (with approx 90-95% of participants) that magnetic therapy jewellery helps injuries (bruises, sprains and post operation) to heal quicker.
Ensure you chose 'premium quality magnet therapy products' - to help improve well being naturally 
Magnet Therapy Jewellery - UK + Ireland - Magnetic Therapy Products.

Magnet Therapy Healing

Magnet therapy healing jewellery can improve the blood flow, improving circulation and oxygen supply which improves the absorption of nutrients, and releases toxins in the body, leading to improved health, mind and body.  Particularly effective for arthritis treatment.

Magnet therapy jewellery can also help pain,
a difference is often noticed 'within hours' of wearing
Energetix Magnet Therapy Jewellery (UK + Ireland).
Magnet Therapy
Magnet Therapy Jewellery 

Magnet Therapy Well Being Jewellery comes in a sophisticated (affordable) range from Energetix - for men, ladies, children and Pets!

When you see how stylish Energetix Magnet Jewellery is, and start to notice the difference, you will want to wear it all the time. 

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Magnet Therapy

Energetix Magnetic Jewellery Online 

Magnet Therapy - Arthritis

Magnet therapy jewellery for arthritis pain help and rheumatoid arthritis treatment is popular.  Magnet therapy jewellery appears to be particularly effective in swollen joint pain relief. 

Whilst I am not allowed to make any claims by FDA Laws (who would rather you took drugs for life (that may have 'common side effects' as serious as Alzeihmers)
I have helped 100's by simply wearing Energetix magnet jewellery products - Magnet Therapy Reviews + Testimonials (UK)

One lady came to me after ordering 3 Power Heart Magnets (for her and 2 friends as she had heard so many good reports about how they had helped other friends). After giving up work 15 years ago due to severe arthritis in her knees and sciatica pain virtually crippling her - she was dancing in front of me after just a few minutes!

I personally highly recommend Energetix Magnet Therapy Jewellery for rheumatism and arthritis treatment aswell as many other ailments, particularly that involve swelling - which is the cause of most pain.

Is Magnet Therapy Jewellery Safe?
Magnet Therapy is safe - Except for people with Pacemakers, Diabetics Insulin Pumps or any internal electronic devices.
If you're pregnant seek medical advice -
or choose
Energetix 'Magnet Drink Sticks' or 'Magnetic Drinks Coaster'  to create a magnetic force field in your drinks to improve well being via magnet therapy.
(Magnetic Drinks Products  - Code 1340 in wellness section of webshop below)


Magnet Therapy Quality
Energetix Magnet Therapy Well Being Jewellery and
Well Being Gifts use the finest neodymium magnets, aswell as copper additions - which has also been used for thousands of years to help arthritis and rheumatism and is also well known to help improve well being.

Magnet Therapy Jewellery UK also with healing amber.

Magnet Therapy 
Magnet Therapy Jewellery

Magnet Therapy Jewellery
Which Magnet Therapy Jewellery should I choose?
Choose a quality neodymium magnet (used on NASA Astronauts suits). 
Neodymium magnets keep their strength, only losing 1% every 100 years.
Energetix magnetic jewellery UK contains neodymium magnets.

Be aware of the strength of the magnet. 
Most Energetix magnetic jewellery contains '.12' strength magnet.
There is also a 'Power Range' with jewellery containing .18 magnet,
as does the popular 'Magnet Strip'.  The Energetix Heart has .22 magnet.

Choose Energetix Magnetic Jewellery for near to aches and pains...
Although an Energetix product anywhere on the body often helps pain,
it is more likely to help more - if it is worn closer to the pain eg...

An Energetix magnetic bracelet and magnetic ring for arthritis - rheumatism in hands.
(Rings available with stretchy hinged joints to fit over swollen knuckles)

A pendant and magnetic necklace or magnet ear-rings if you suffer from migraines, headaches, neckache, back pain, stress or tension.

'Energetix Magnet Therapy Pebble' (1977CU) to hold, or use for massage.

If you need more advice on Energetix Magnet Therapy Jewellery please contact
Heidis Well Being World (Guernsey or world wide) -
or see Heidis Energetix Magnetic Jewellery Guernsey (UK).

Energetix Magnetic Jewellery

Power Range of Energetix Magnet Therapy Products
One of the most popular and powerful magnet therapy products consists of 2 parts - a therapy magnet in the shape of a 'Heart brooch' (177CU) or a
magnet therapy Strip for pain (877CU).
Both available with/out copper and have a matching stainless steel counterpart so they can be attached to clothes or underwear, close to the pain.

An ideal jewellery well being gift for any age.

Webshop - 'Magnetic Wellness' Accessories or Body Magnets...

Magnet Therapy
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At my first 'Energetix Magnetic Jewellery Party' 3 people had injuries and all 3 noticed the difference wearing a 'Wellness Power Heart Magnetic Brooch' during the Party
+ the Pet Horses long term swollen knee went down overnight
(He didnt join in at the Party) but was also much calmer the following morning :)



Stylish Quality Magnet Therapy Products - Magnet Therapy Jewellery
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 Magnet Therapy

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I've helped many happy customers with Energetix magnet therapy jewelry, that have suffered for many years/decades, but we dont make any therapeutic claims for Magnetic Therapy Products.

Im not a medical advisor, a Dowsing, EFT Practitioner, Life Coach, Crystal & Reiki Healing Therapist.