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Healing your Body with your Mind

Your mind is capable of creating chemicals needed to heal your body and improve well being. 
Positive thinking effects us so much more than most of us realise - although the world is catching on fast!

You Can help heal your body with your mind - many also protect themselves with mind power and reiki healing to stop catching anything in the first place, its easy once you know how - learn to get in the zone!

I know it sounds really whacky if youve never done it - but those that do realise - its amazing, natural, extremely economical or free - with no nasty side effects!

Ive been surrounded by flu epidemic/even re-infections and always used to get sick but now I havnt been sick in years, since I discovered natural healing, my health and well being has improved dramatically.

Our body and mind is capable of creating any chemical it needs to help heal itself, we just need to understand this and learn how to ask it to work, to be so much more in control of our health and improve well being naturally.
 Health and Mind
Magnet Therapy has proved in many cases that aswell as helping ease aches and pains, it helps people feel more energetic which can also improve well being naturally.

I especially recommend Energetix Magnetic Jewellery - its gorgeous and only uses premium quality magnets.

I dont want to suggest it can take the place of medical advice, because that would be illegal, but I would love everyone to be aware what is possible between health and mind, natural healing and healing your body with your mind

The Links to Help us are ~

1 - Positive Thinking.
Always think positive.  This will effect your whole life aswell as your health.  
Imagine you are in pristine health and your body is continually rejuvenating every morning when you wake and every night when you go to sleep.

EFT Tapping online, available World wide. also helps release negativity and encourages postive thinking - EFT Guernsey, EFT Jersey

2 - Deep Breathing through our Noses
Get a good supply of natural oxygen to every cell in your body. 
Oxygen is so important and free and we just dont get enough of it!  

Train yourself to deep breathe and expand your lungs regularly. 
Your stomach area should expand (not just your chest). 
The average person only uses about a shocking 10% of their lungs. 
This is an easy exercise you can practice whilst doing most other things!

3 - Certain Tones of Music
Music can help us relax and connect with our innerselves so we can go into a calm state of mind and ask our body to heal itself with natural healing...

Meditation mp3 download s,
Relaxation cd s  Isochronic Crystal Sets

Healing Your Body with Your Mind

Remedies covered in this store are...
General Good Health!
Immune System Boosters
Stress Reducer
Relax your Mind
Insomnia in Children and Adults
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Trying to Lose Weight
Energy Enhancer
Memory Enhancer
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Endorphin Release
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Smoking Addiction
Drug Addiction
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Healthy Mind

=  A Healthy Body  =  A Happy Body!                   

Heal your Body with your Mind


Improve well being naturally - You will be amazed at what you are capable of!
Your health is effected dramatically by what and how you think.
It is possible to heal your body with your mind and easier to learn than you might think.  Learn more with a personal consultation or via the links on this page...

Health and Mind Well Being - Personal Consultations

Like to learn more Health and Mind connections for well being? 
Like some well being personal advice?

There are so many amazing subjects of which Heidi Almonte, ISTD,
Reiki Healing and Reiki Distant Healing Practitioner, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) Practitioner and Founder of Well Being Info has studied with amazing results.

Discuss your problems, physical and emotional (as they are often connected) and receive personal advice on practical ideas, a variety of complementary therapies, helpful diet recommendations and the power of mind and body links. 

Health and Mind Well Being personal consultations for your short or long term individual well being needs, using some or all of the above complementary therapy techniques, 
available via phone or skype for less than the standard price of a doctor, just...

Free!  5 minutes - No Obligation to see if I feel I can help
£49 - 30 minutes
£69 - 1 hour
£350 - 6 x weekly 1 hour sessions + Reiki Distant Healing

To Book email with requirements,
health and mind ailments, skype contact (if you have one) and appointment option times most suitable for you and Heidi will be pleased to offer advice.

Huge profit making drug companies have banned many natural healing therapies.
I wonder why - when they have worked so well for so many people, for thousands of years, without the harmful side effects that much medication has?

Is it because its not possible to make fortunes from natural therapies?
Because natural healing often does help to balance the whole body - leading to improved overall health and wellbeing - plus they dont have side effects leading to more illness, and purchasing more drugs?

Learn to Tune Your Mind and Body...

Look and listen around this store and if you order now you will receive
complimentary gifts with your order -
Unlocking The True Potential of Your Crystals ebook +
Practical Lessons In Yoga

Listen to the free samples & tips to help you relax and connect to your higher self and easily learn how to heal your body with your mind...

 Mind and Body

 Mind and Body Health 

Reiki Distant Healing
 - Natural, relaxing healing without harmful side effects
Toxins in the Body

Secret Quotes

Diabetes and Cancer - Invaluable free tips everyone should know

Creations Dance - A Poem for You...
Life is a beautiful, rhythmic dance.
When we are happy we dance with delight.
Sadness stops us in mid flight,
and movement becomes despairing, like we are wearing leaden shoes.

But we dance on, to the rhythm of life,
and every creature, every tree, every star
and every bee moves to creations beating heart.

When we lose our way -
is it because we have forgotten the tune we were meant to play?

Our hearts beat in time with natures clock.
When they stop, we find the key to unblock the door to a rhythm yet unknown.
But, as here before, music will be there, Im sure.

The planets will still waltz around the sun, until creations dance is done.
Only perfect rhythm see them on their way,
measuring every hour, of every day:
moving in unison with every part, never missing the beat of creations heart.
Poem by Marie Parsons