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Feel Good Factor - Guernsey

Discover "Your Feel Good Factor" in Guernsey (+ worldwide).

Heidi feels 50 years younger than she did 15 years ago with holistic health -
Would you like to feel younger and healthier?

Heidi is passionate to help with solutions to improve wellbeing naturally -
Become the Best Version of Yourself - with a wealth of knowledge from
multiple qualified Complementary Therapist for Holistic Health + Dance Teacher,
Heidi Wellbeing Almonte...

Feel Good Factor - Guernsey

What steps can you take to improve your happiness?
To discover YOUR Feel Good Factor?

* Relieve Aches & Pains?
* Improve your Energy Levels?
* Find new ways of Stress Relief?
* Boost your Immune System?
* Personally created essential oils and moisturisers for face and body?
* Cleanse &/or Feng Shui your home/office?
* Learn a New Skill?
* Lose Weight & Feel Great?

Feel Good Factor - Guernsey Events
Come along to meet Heidi Wellbeing Almonte -
Holistic Health EventsMagnetic Jewellery Guernsey
Guernsey Holistic Health & Wellbeing Show 2018
Discover Your Feel Good Factor - Private Consultation
Consultations, 7 or 30 Day Feel Good Factor Programmes.

Contact Heidi on Guernsey 722798 (Mob 07911 716662)
or email - 
 Feel Good Factor Guernsey

Wellbeing - Guernsey

Improve wellbeing in Guernsey
Feel Good Factor - Energetix Jewellery 
Quality magnetic jewellery often boosts your energy levels and can help relieve headaches, aches and pains.

Energetix Magnetic Jewellery Testimonials

Energetix Jewellery online
Happiness Week Guernsey 

Feel Good Factor - Guernsey - Complementary Therapies with Heidi
Wellness & Weight Management, Goal & Life Coaching, Reiki Healing, EFT Tapping.

Feel Good Factor - Wellbeing, Wellness, Weight Management
Includes 'Inner Body Scan' - Get the Feel Good Factor inside and out.
Feel Good Factor Guernsey Consultations contact Heidi.

Feel Good Factor - EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) 
A complimentary therapy which can help (often very quickly) remove negative blockages that can lead to improved wellbeing + happiness.
Find out more...
EFT Tapping Guernsey - EFT Tapping Jersey - UK - online 

Feel Good Factor - Reiki Healing + Crystal Chakra Reiki Healing
Relaxing & rejuvenating Complementary Therapy for Holistic Health.
Ideal for stress relief and related ailments (Surveys show up to 95% of illness is stress related.  Find out more...
Reiki GuernseyLearn Reiki Jersey - UK - online

Learn Reiki in Guernsey (or Learn Reiki online)
Improve Well Being naturally - Anyone can learn Reiki healing.

To Discover Your Feel Good Factor in Guernsey
Contact: Heidi Almonte via

fb: Heidi Wellbeing Almonte
Call: Guernsey 01481 722798 (M07911 716662)

Guernsey Salsa Dance Classes, Socials + Parties, 2018

The Fun & Friendly Way to Release Happy Hormones!

All Ages Welcome to a Fun & Friendly Environment -
Couples + Singles - You dont need to come with a partner...

Dance Classes & Parties info -

Feel Good Factor Workshops

Learn to Speak Spanish - Conversational
Learning a new language - Learn Spanish its fun and widely used!
Private Tuition or 5 week course starting soon, email Heidi...

Crystal Magic
Crystal Healing - Crystals at Home - Crystals for Stress - Crystal Abundance.

Holistic Health - The Feel Good Factor
Learn Reiki - EFT Tapping - Doswing for Health - Life Coaching - Magnet Therapy
Nutrition & Weight Management. 

Sweet, Sexy, Feminine Workshops - Empowering & Fun!
Boost confidence with this 6 Week Feel Good Factor Course in Guernsey (+Skype) -
Private Workshops also available.

Feel Good Factor - Happiness Connecting to Nature -
Creating Abundance - New + Full Moon Social Workshops
Learn to create abundance in all areas of your life at home and/or in the workplace.

Join fb - Heidi Wellbeing Almonte + Heidi Salsa Almonte
Call Heidi Guernsey 722798 (M07911 716662)

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Worlds Boldest Ever Happiness Experiment - Guernsey

Happiness Project Guernsey -
Thanks to The Dandelion Project - Believe in Guernsey
helping to make Guernsey 1 of the Happiest Places in the world to live.

Feel Good Factor Jersey
Discover Your Feel Good Factor in Jersey (Channel Islands) available via skype/fb video.   


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